Current Trends 2021

The long-awaited re-opening of the design event FOCUS at Chelsea Harbour, recently, was an inspirational feast for designers and clients alike.  It was the first time, in a very long time, that we could attend and get up close and personal with, the wonderful array of heavenly products and finishes.  It was a great opportunity to see what everyone had been up to, since the pandemic, and to see their take on all the new trends that had come out of it.

Maximalist patterns, themes and colours seem to be a bit the big latest trend, at the moment.  Colours are saturated and vibrant, and patterns are substantial and repeated or mismatched against other bold patterns.  It is all about personality and getting all your stuff out on display without overly cluttering up the space.  A complete antonym to the minimalism of before, this new trend feels familiar yet fresh at the same time.  It is the kind of theme that is a designer’s dream, (well this designer anyway!).  It requires more creativity and judgement when it comes to just how far you can push it, and all the while still remaining true to an environment that is not overly cluttered. It is a look that is layered, considered and procured with care.  Bold is beautiful!  Set to stay for a while, let’s bring it on!

Cottage-Core – bringing the outside in!  This became a massive trend born during our lockdowns.  It became a return to wholesome values.  It is about valuing life and going back to a more nostalgic period in our lives when life was much simpler and slower.  People began baking (we all remember empty shelves in the supermarket where the flour used to be!), people took up arts and crafts to pass the time, and the outdoors became ever more important.  The Interiors reaction to this was at the same time rather a biophilic one – large floral patterns on wallpaper and fabrics.  This was very much evident at FOCUS, Colefax and Fowler are great at this and Jane Churchill has also now started doing it!  Muted earthy colours, fresh greens and sage greens became popular, as well as plants and bringing the outside in, with a more rustic and farmhouse aesthetic.  People suddenly wanted fireplaces and to create that cosy feel. So, if you are worried about maximalism, then you could always stick with Cottage Core!

Natural Elements – are very much everywhere.  Maybe this is down to our more Biophilic tendencies which sit alongside sustainability and how the world must now turn.  This has always resonated with me, but it certainly seems to be much more prevalent than before.  Natural materials such as stone and wood are very apparent as well as more natural forms.  We seem to have pulled away from the graphic lines and hard edges and there is now a shift for a more soft, curvy and organic shaping to furnishings and décor.  Colours are slightly darker and stronger with more natural pigments such as earth tones.  Long may this trend continue!

Room treatments – since the lockdown we are working from home more than ever before and when that means an entire family, that is a lot of extra office/study space to accommodate.  People have definitely been using the pandemic to take a long, hard look at functionality and how they use their homes.  Rooms are having to become more and more multi-functional with all the challenges that this presents, from the storage requirements, to the flexibility that the space can provide.  That forgotten little-used dining room now, has to be reinvented to accommodate all these new functions – which is just as it should be!  

We seem to have changed a great deal since this pandemic.  However, if that means that our homes will have better functionality, have more creativity and personality and will include more natural, biophilic and organic elements, then at the very least, our interiors will be all the better for it.  If you want some advice on how to incorporate these trends into your home, then book a consultation here.