Trend Vs Classic? Let’s Debate!

When considering a home makeover of any kind, do you go for a revamp using the latest trends and design around the colour of the year? Or do you go for the hottest, latest thing seen in a glossy magazine that everyone is talking about?  But there again, maybe you ignore all that and go for a more classic look that doesn’t shake the foundations too much?

These are questions that most home owners will ask themselves when wanting to refresh their home.  Interiors are very much the same as fashion – a perpetual cycle of what is trending at the time, which then goes out of fashion, only to be the very latest thing within the next decade or two.  If you wait long enough, it all comes around again.  However, some themes or looks simply never go out of fashion like your little black dress, or your tweed hacking jacket, or your go-to navy blazer.  These are very firmly considered true classics.  They have been around forever and never seem to date.  

With interiors, it is exactly the same.  If we just look at the last 10-15 years, for example, we all remember minimalism that was a complete turnaround from the reaction to the zany bright colours and patterns that came before that.  It was refreshingly new, a totally pared-back look, with clean lines, complete absence of clutter, and muted, cool colours.  Minimalism then seemed to morph steadily into the Scandi style – still very popular – with cool colours, clutter still at a minimum, adding that much-needed texture in furry or bobbly throws, pale woods in the furnishings, and simple but comfortable, fuss free furniture designs.  This trend then developed further into the resurrection of the mid-century modern look, a style that goes with most other elements from the traditional classic to the minimal and modern, making it the perfect bridge between the two.  

There are other ways of handling trends, and it can come down to how you piece a scheme together.  For example, use of natural materials is now, very much, in the forefront of people’s tastes since the pandemic – yes, it is a trend but it is not necessarily a massive game changer.  We have been using wooden floors for a long time, but a few years ago we started laying our floors sometimes on a diagonal across the entrance to a room when we became obsessed with everything chevron.  We all still love chevron though, so does that mean it is in or out?  I wonder, can you see where I am going with this?  

Trends are a great indicator as to where we are as a society and can provide a refreshing new vein of thought.  However, don’t get wrapped up in whether you are in vogue or not.  It really doesn’t matter because what is actually more important for you and your home is to have what you feel most comfortable with.  If you really don’t want to be sitting in a dark living room with jade green ceilings and walls, then you will not thrive in that environment – it is not for you!   A bright aqua is our most recent colour of the year.  Whilst personally I love it in a swimsuit, I would not want it in my house!  But, there again, you might!  We can all feel differently about individual colours or finishes.  That is what makes us unique, which is why we should not be dictated to on what is the latest trend to follow. Any top designer worth their salt will tell you that you are the most important element to a design: what you like; what is familiar to you; what you embrace; what you hate.  

Whether you end up following a trend or going classic, the most successful interiors, I believe, are where you have a mix of styles to create a more layered look, as if it has been procured over time.  Architectural elements that suit the property, rather than following a trend, are more successful and will last you longer. A mix of patterns that you like and that complement each other beautifully, that give you joy, is a much better strategy than being led into a design that everyone is talking about but you have no affinity with.  Spend your time working out what you like and get a designer to help you put that into a beautiful scheme that you adore.  This will be a wonderful, meaningful process that will stand the test of time and will create a wonderful space for you to enjoy for years to come – forget trends, go with your own style and what makes you, you!